Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Housing Minster's Two Hats.

There is a particularly interesting line from Housing Minister and Keighley MP Kris Hopkins in this piece from the Bradford Telegraph & Argus that neatly sums up the conflict faced by politicians involved in housing and planning.

I do not know enough about the Bradford's Local Plan to have a view on the assertion that the Borough's housing requirement can be wholly accommodated on previously developed sites, which is interesting enough, but it was this line that caught my eye: 

Taking my ministerial hat off and putting my MP’s hat on, some of the figures they’ve talked about across Keighley and Shipley are outrageous.

The "of course we need new homes, but they need to be in the right place and this is not the right place" line is a familiar one from opponents to new homes, but we should surely expect more from the Government's housing champion.

Pick a hat, Mr Hopkins.

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